Pregnancy Safety Belt

Pregnancy Safety Belt

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We know having a seat belt on during pregnancy is extremely uncomfortable for pregnant women... The pressure against your belly can be unhealthy to the baby, not to mention the discomfort it causes you. No matter how uncomfortable you are, it is still not a good idea to remove the seat belt. After all, you have a life inside you that's waiting to explore the world.

What happens during an emergency brake? The extreme force exerted onto your belly from the belt will be extremely harmful to the unborn baby inside you. The seat belt in its original design actually does more harm than good.

With pregnant mothers in mind, our team has came up with a revolutionary product. Made by mothers, for mothers-to-be. 


Our team can be easily attached to a car seat to keep both mom and baby comfortable, without any compromise in road safety. It adapts to securely fit seats and mothers of all shapes and sizes. 

It is also suitable for people who've underwent abdominal surgery. It prevents the belt from putting pressure against painful wounds and cuts, allowing your abdominal wound to heal just as it should.

  • Safe & Comfortable - The belt sits across the thighs, instead of over the belly which causes discomfort for growing bellies. It allows pregnant drivers to focus on driving, as well as pregnant passengers to ride more comfortably & safely.
  • Easy to Install - Install In As Little As 5 Minutes!
  • Perfect for Recovery - Anyone who has gone through abdominal surgery, stomach surgery or c-section will be able to heal properly without a belt damaging the wound
  • Versatile - If you switch seats/cars a lot, we recommend buying 2, so you don't have to keep moving us
  •  The belt adjuster is designed for use by women 3 months into their pregnancy until the time the baby is born.

We prevents a vehicle's belt from riding up over your baby bump to help protect mothers-to-be and their unborn baby during car travel.

It's as easy as 1-2-3 for pregnant mothers to strap, unstrap and re-strap each time when getting in or out the car.

Our team is most suitable for mothers 3 months into their pregnancy, all the way until the time the baby is born.

Just Went Through Surgery? 

For anyone who had abdominal or stomach surgery this belt will prevent direct contact of the belt with your belly and help reduce pain and discomfort without compromising your road safety.

For pregnant mothers who switch between the driver and passenger seat a lot, we recommend getting two so you don't have to remove and install it every time.

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